About Me

I'm a computer, physics, and woodworking geek. I've been mucking around on the internet since 1993, working on the server and browser side of things with systems professionally for the past 20+ years, and have loved most every minute of it.

I originally threw this site up to provide a basic means for old (and new) friends to find me, and that's just about all it's likely to be good for! Business card website for the win!

On the webdev side, I'm primarily interested in data gathering, trending/aggregating, visualization/dashboards, and user interfaces. This includes architecting the backend of the application to have the right data in the right places (normalized/DRY, but also redundancies where it makes sense from a performance standpoint), have the appropriate APIs to support web and native mobile clients. Mobile clients have always been of keen interest to me, and HTML5 finally provides some technologies to really make them shine.

Contact Me

If you want to reach me, well: